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Do Kali Puja to keep an eye on Holi

Do Kali Puja to keep an eye on Holi, know the symptoms of eyes and benefits of worship

Many kinds of remedies are tried on Holi. One of those remedies is worship of Goddess Kali. When a person sees her business, her relationship, then mother Kali can get rid of them. Come, let's talk about work ...
Symptoms of bad eyesight
Sudden loss in business
The situation of discord in the house without talk.
Health related problems, do not benefit even on treatment.
Sudden loss of money without any talk.
When young children see, they cry more. He starts having high fever.
Continuous flaring of an organ.
Suddenly getting used to chewing nails.
A situation of big quarrel arises in husband and wife.

Benefits of Kali Puja

Health related problems are overcome.
Negative energy is removed, positiveness comes.

The hardness of speech is reduced, thereby ending family discord.
There is benefit in business and jobs.
Worshiping and worshiping mother Kali brings liberation from all negative energy and evil eyes.
People who are jealous of us want to harm us in many ways. Therefore, sorceries also take recourse to tricks. Worshiping Mata Kali also provides relief from witchcraft with evil eyes.

How to worship Kali on Holi

On the day of Holi, place 7 Gomti Chakras, 7 Kauris and 7 Kali Gunj in front of Maa Kali, remembering Maa Kali seven times over you and put them in the burning Holi. This will give you freedom from all kinds of eyes.

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